Podnutz Daily #97 – Overheating Power Jack

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Recap of The Great Tech Debate Ep1

CompaQ laptop was melting power adapters
A lead to the jack on the motherboard
seemed a little loose and could be the culprit
will do a repair to see if that fixes the problem.
CompaQ 14″ motherboard in a 15″ laptop with 2 adapters.

Dell laptop works great in Philly
but bluescreens when she takes it to DC
Ran my clean up routine on it
and will check the event viewer

Desktop with LSASS error at windows log in.
Chdsk/r always fixes that for me.

Voice Mail from Mike in NM:
What are your favorite/offbeat vendors for parts?
I use eBay for screens and obscure computer parts
for everything elseI go to local vendors Microcenter or IET

Voice Mail from Eric:
It is getting difficult to leave negative feedback on eBay.

Voice Mail from Simon:
Reliability and Liability
Please consider before offering off site back up to your customers
Jungle Disk

Email from Mike:
Mike shares his best story for the leaf blower contest.

Email from Bob:
Bob shares his tips for using DriverMax

Email from Joel in Florida:
Where do you buy your recovery disks for Xp and Vista?
I did not buy them I just acquired them along the way
and use the Product Keys that are physically on the machine.

Email from Jeff:
Jeff shares his best stories for the leaf blower contest
Mad-rage cursing customer, bad luck hard drives & 220 vs 110

Email from Scott:
Laptop will only boot error-free via the F12 Windows standard mode.
The natural start up produces many beeps and no video.
You might have a key that is stuck on the keyboard.
Remove the keyboard and reboot to troubleshoot this.

How to properly remove dust from fans
and what to watch for.