Podnutz Daily #102 – Get Rid Of PC Protection Center 2008

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Malwarebytes killed PC Protection Center 2008

when SuperAntiSpyware could not.
Once Mawarebytes cleaned the machine, we updated SuperAntiSpyware
and it found even more infections on the machine.You CANNOT install Windows SP3 on a machine
that does NOT have SP1.
We installed SP2 and then SP3.

MacBook with soda spill and sticky keys
She kept using it after the spill
Luckily she did not fry her motherboard.
Tip on replacing a MacBook keyboard:
You do NOT have to replace the whole top panel
with includes the touchpad.
You can just purchase/replace the keyboard.
He missed the cookies
Customer came back with in 24 hours
after complete reinstall of Windows
complaing that he has a virus
and did not want to be charged for the clean up.
Decided to check the broswer history
and found a few late night porn visits.
Took a screenshot of the evidence just in case.
Contacted the customer who agreed to pay a fee
for another clean up and suggested a stronger AV.
Voice mail from Teddie in Oregon:
Congrats on show 100 !
ThinkPad T61 with wireless/network connection problems
Could be the wireless card — tried to get to it.
Posted the problem in PodNutz Forums
The card is under the keyboard.
Go to Lenovo and get documentation.
Email from Roger:
Installed PCHelpWare two weeks ago and likes it much better.
Offers some tips to Steve to get it working for him.
Revamping PodNutz using drupal
It will now reflect all of my podcast projects
.. should be up and running soon.

Email from Mitch:

Listener Bob recommended Team Viewer for remote access.
He also has used this to set up a NetGear router. Works great!

Email from Matt:
There is a Second Life SLURL that can
teleport your listeners directly to The Great tech Debate:

Email from Robin:
AVG not doing the trick with teens in the house?
Try Blink from eEye
Free for the first year.

Email from Jack:
Dell laptop with XP Media Center
cannot connect to the internet with FireFox or IE
He divuldges a huge list of what he has done to trouble shoot.
Please try WinSock XP Fix
Make sure the firewall is not blocking the internet
To troubleshoot hardware vs software
see if you can get online in Safe Mode with Networking.

Jack also has a website he is having difficulty keeping updated:
Computer Talk Audio Links
Any suggestions on keeping a site up-to-date?

Email from Mark:

More on OEM installs with Vista
Tell Microsoft the motherboard died and this is not an upgrade.
He also tells how he got over his Mac phase.