Podnutz Daily #106 – AVG is Crashing Machines!

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Last show for this week:
HAVE to work on projects & need the time.

NBG reminder (via chat log)
Gem State Computers Malware Removal Guide

Installing AVG is crashing computers?
No Windows Explorer after install
What is up with that?
(Several chatters say yes. Same.)
Back to Avast for AV for customers.

Dell Inspiron generic BSOD:
chkdsk/r and fixboot handled.

Outlook Express with Comcast email
SMTP server should be set at 587

Gateway laptop & all files gone
We looked in the root directory
and found a folder called
Backup October 26 2008
Complete copy of her hard drive.
Turns out she did a non destructive sys recovery
and this threw all of her files in this folder
and reinstalls the operating system.

Voice Mail from Simon:
– All apologies for bowing out of The Great Tech Debate

(it’s all good, Simon)
– Broadband modem on USB connection
(upgrade it to ethernet connection)
– Vista Home Basic w/ McAfee 1G RAM & No free memory
(uninstalling McAfee revealed 860MB available)Email from Mike in NM:
Avast Bart disk
Antivirus boot disk from Avast (not free)
-Yahoo Groups: Computer Business
(great information & sign up for the digest)

Email from Mark in CA:
Feedback on Norton AV 2009
Base antivirus works quite well!
Not a hog and much sleeker!
+ Mark shares a tech repair story
(tarred & feathered computer)

Email from Jeffrey:
Windows 7 & at PDC
istreamplanet link
Windows 7 looks like Vista
.. was hoping for something more