Podnutz Daily #107 – Lock Your Flash Drives

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Phillies Take The World Series!
(Excuse my hat)
Chase Utley’s speech
from the parade sums up the spirit of Philadelphia

AVG install was crashing all my computers?
I think it might be compromised flash drives
Will format the flash drives and retry.

If you are a tech and are going to be purchasing
flash drives to hold your utilities
PLEASE look for the READ ONLY switch on the drive.
This will PROTECT your drive from becoming infected
by inserting it into a infected machine.
This will “lock” it from infections.

Streak of bad luck at the shop
lots of returns coming in….
It’s never been bad like this
Never ever cut corners on your repairs
You *know* when it feel like a great repair.
It should always feel that way.
If it doesn’t…
Go back in. The job is not complete.

Older 2001-2002 Compaq laptop
BSOD everytime the internet was connected
through ethernet it would blue screen.
“tcpip.sys” error
Ran WinsockXPfix
.. no changes
Moved tcpip.sys file from known-good-machine
to this machine and problem still not solved.
Uninstalled all network adapters
and let windows reload the drivers…
.. still no change.

The solution:
We ended up going straight to the REALTECH
manufacturer’s website and getting the updated driver.
All good.

Hallmark e-card warning!
Do NOT open any Hallmark e-cards.
Customers have gotten hit with virus/spyware
..and pass this information on!!

Wifi issues depending upon the city:
In PA she is fine .. in DC she gets BSOD
After my clean up routine and wifi driver updates
.. she is still having this issue.

Story on one of the returns:
Lil Dell Inspiron laptop 12″ screen
THREE TIMES I have fixed this power jack

Dilemma with the 24″ HP glossy screen monitor:
I am getting headaches and I want to blame this screen
because the time matches up.

Leafblower contest winner on hold.
Forgives? See the beard? I am lazy!

Voice Mail from Gomem:
Gomem was on the Great Tech Debate!
Intermitten AVG issues as well
Windows 7 is looking like Vista & its eye candy

AVG alternative = Avira
Norton 2009 listening to the crowd? Slimmed down?

Voicemail from Bob:
Congratulations on the Phillies World Series WIN!
Hopes Steve does not have to wait another 25 years for a WIN

Steve takes credit for the win
because in Philly, the fans are a part of the team
and this is part of the reason Philly fans are crazy
I hope this helps you to understand.

Door2Door Geek:
The difference between and analog tv and a digital tv
(slightly inebriated driving back from a bachelor party)
STILL has podnutz on the brain & a certified GEEK
In case you needed an example:
He goes on to mention 1clickVNC and HAK5
logmein is pure gold as well

Email from Kins:
Looking for a power supply?
MicroCenter is selling a CoolMax 500W PS for $9.99 after rebate
FYI: A few CoolMax PS have failed on me
Maybe bad luck? But Zion never fails on me and they are cheap.

Email from Bobby:
PCMag Security Suite Tests
They also say that Norton 2009 is mean & lean
and Bobby agrees after loving the spam filter for email
and suggests I download the 15 day trial…

Email from OC:
Another cleaner mention —
Dr Web live CD

Email from Nebben (Ben):
Acronis True Image 2009 is here

Email from Juan from TX:
Check out comodo for free internet security suite
(Best known for their firewall)

Email from Nick:
Dad says he never surfs in the gutters, yet
every couple of months I need to go over and remove
ugliness like trojans/spyware/malware
His Solution:
Install VMWare with Ubuntu and FireFox
and disable persistance so that nothing is saved.
No More Worries!