Podnutz Daily #108 – Chasing The Carrot

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Dell Inspiron Vista with 3G of RAM Dual Core
and customer could not get internet.
Vista has some decent wireless
repair/diagnostic utilities built in.
Trend Micro Anti Virus was running on the machine
Right clicking on the Trend Micro icon
revealed it was set to halt all internet traffic.
Reset IE7 back to factory default as well
(This does not get rid of favorites or anything
it just deactivates add-ons and other possible culprits
that may prevent you from getting online.

Follow-up on the AVG install issue:
Our flash drives were infected.
We formatted all of the drives and reinstalled our tools
We now have the latest version of everything.

Re-install vs Clean-up aka “Chasing the carrot”
At what point do you decide to reinstall?

The Winner of the Leaf Blower Contest is:
Scott Spencer!
His tech tale solved the mystery of the squeeking computer.
(All of the stories were great-it was a tough decision)

Voice Mail from Simon:
AVG issues effecting explorere.exe
could be due to the removal of spyware.
Using sysinternals autoruns/image hijacks tab
You may find spyware loading in front of explorer.exe
Flash drive corrupted with autoruns.inf?
You can run software from internet explorer address bar
or using the menu option File/Open

Voice Mail from William:
New remote access program Remobo
Freakin outstanding software! Cross platform.

Voice Mail from Mark in Reno:
Advice for the wireless customer who can connect to the internet in PA
but gets a BSOD in Washington DC
Problems connecting with PCHelpware?
This could be due to a changing ip address
Try using dyndns and dnsomatic (from open dns) together

Voice Mail from Brent:
Advice for eye strain
Get glasses with anti-reflective coating.

Email from Wendy:
Nvidea graphics cards (series 7 and 8) are overheating
and sometimes taking the motherboard with it.

Email from Andrew in NC:
Your podcast is NOT like watching paint dry!
The A+ class at New Horizons has been told about your show.
EveryZing will transcribe podcasts
SpaceMonger 1.4 and WinderStatvisually show hard drive

Email from Steve:
Testing a SeaGate drive using SeaTools
It says it supports firewire connected drives
but I had to mount it internally to get the software to work.

Email from Ben (Nebben):
Sony recalls battery packs in laptops

Email from Neil:
Where can I get a Windows 2000 Pro install disk?
I have the product key.

Email from Mike:
The ForceField podcast #27 covered
accepting credit cards as a form of payment.