Podnutz Daily #113 – It's Good To Be Back

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I’m Baaack!
Worked on some projects
Podnutz is all drupal based & easy to update.

HP dv6000 laptop with gmail issues:
When typing in gmail the system would hang
and not be able to keep up with the customer’s typing.
The problem was found in the interface bewteen
gmail and Internet Explorer.
Missing characters is a *linky* thing.
Listen to learn more about the solution.

That damned Sony Viao laptop:
Listen to hear the whole story
and get up-to-date with the current
Best trenches tech you will hear/learn from

The ebay seller mentioned: xyverx
.. could not be verified by show-noter, kudos or not.
Ernesto rawks for sending the side board N/C

Another Sony Viao laptop:
No video. Not even on an external monitor.
Checking indicator lights .. no HD activity.
After thorough troubleshooting.. another bad motherboard.
An ebay search for his motherboard
lead me to the availability to purchase HIS laptop
.. exact match but with a bad screen. His screen was good…
See where I am going with this? Always looking for the best deal.
Cheaper than a Buy It Now MB for Viao on ebay
and I can part off the rest like Steve D’Amico

Shop announcement & hold your hats:
I am now selling the new sleek Norton 2009 antivirus (AV only)
It protects better than AVG when you have clueless users
Listen further to hear my excuse ….

Tip to fix “jumpy video”:
Update the video driver

This saved me:
I just utilized an optionl on Dial-A-Fix
that I never used before via the tools button.
Permissions issues? Repair permission issues via dial-a-fix

If you run just ONE choose malwarebytes
Super AntiSpyware vs. MalWareBytes
Malwarebytes seems to clean a bit harder by relieving your system of the detrimental programs that effect productivity but in quite honesty, both of these programs compliment one another because if one don’t catch it, the other will.

In the chat kins mentions ThreatFire for free AV.
Thanks, kins!

Wanna call live?
New format allows live calls on Monday & Wednesday.
Mark your Skype calendars!

Help me with this!
Looking for a good chroma key green screen program
that works with Windows.

Email from Andrew:
Acquiring Windows Key on a bad hard drive when the sticker is missing
Where does Windows store the key so I can fish it out?

Email from Jason:
Leaf blower vs Air compressor
Carey Holzman re-does the leaf blower video
with a before/after this time

Email from Chris:
FireFox NoSquint add-on
No Squint

Email from Mike Petro:
AntiSpyWare XP 2009 infections
warnings & fixes

Live Call from Nebben (Ben)
..While Steve was away
he created a podcast to keep the chatter going.
Nebben’s Podcast Link