Podnutz Daily #115 – Inane Customers

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Increase your productivity with keyboard shortcuts!
What does the Windows Key do?
Located on your keyboard left of the spacebar
Bottom row with the Windows logo.

Pressing the Windows Key + a letter offers all kinds of options.
Go on and give it a try.
Learn all about these Windows shortcuts!
Please also see All Win Key Shortcuts


This combo opens a new Explorer Window.
Probably one of the hottest Windows keyboard shortcuts. This one gets a lot of hoorahs!

17″ iMac G5 with iSight camera
AppleCare expired to-the-date she had a graphics issue
Apple would not cover her.
The iSight makes opening the laptop harder
than just the three screws mentioned in prev podcasts.
New logic board required to fix the issue.

Norton 2009 AV (not the suite) shop news:
Reselling Norton 2009 at the shop LIKE CRAZY!
The bulkiness has been fixed in the 2009 release
and it runs unnoticeable in Vista, in XP it is still okay.

Old School camera with Old School technology
His digital camera connected via a serial port
(not usb .. old technology)
Windows 2000 on P3 Dell and would not recognize the camera
Fixed via device manager COM port

Socket 775 motherboards
and getting the 775 processor to work
(incompatibility issues)

Cook vs Steve and chatty customers
Dad acknowledges them, Steve just wants to get back to work.

Toshiba laptop 3-4 yrs old and kid
wants to run 3d games by over clocking
both video and processor and computer is dying.
Corrupted drivers / video card? Perhaps…

Dell Inspiron 1100 needs dusting and virus cleanse!
Check to see if the fans are spinning after dusting
I have slightly changed my cleanup routine
View and BOOKMARK my cleanup routine.

Voice Mail from Nebben:
For the guy with network problems with ip router/modem issues

Email from Bobby:
More info on that bad laptop hinge – chronic and known issue with HP
Models affected: HP dv9000, dv9100, dv9200 and dv9400 laptops
HP Limited Service Enhancement for Left Display Hinge

Email from Tom:
What device is required to run a laptop harddrive externally?
USB to IDE/SATA connector.
You will only be able to see the files. Cannot boot Windows.

Email from Steve:
YouTube laptop video powerjack repair
in fast mode with HerbieHancock as a backdrop (sweet!)
See the oncall258dotcom video

Email from Ray:
Problems installing World of Warcraft (WoW)
System locks up at different intervals
If CPU overheats will it just freeze or shutdown?
Sounds like a video issue. Troubleshoot video
and also check requirements for WoW
make sure the machine can physically run it.
Questions about recovery console – how to use
A few mentioned dos prompts to enter at the command
chkdsk /r
sfc /scannow

Email from Mitch in Iowa:
Is using a customer’s XP disk to run recovery (not install Windows) kosher?
Make a copy of it. No. Nothing wrong with using it though.

Email from Neil:
Mac OS on a Windows machine without VM Ware?
Yes! Try OSX86

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Live Call from Gomem (Mike):
Mac OSX on Windows CAN be done on
but do not plan on getting updates.

Boxy+AppleTV = bliss
(but no video podcast playlist)