Podnutz Daily #122 – Troublesome Vaio

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Buy a good laptop
with a busted screen for parts!
Repaired a Sony Vaio via ebay laptop purchase.
Please watch for as-is warnings!
But purchase whole computers instead of parts
This can be cheaper and you will have parts
.. for future jobs

Using the Ultimate Boot CD to trouble shoot.
Does it use ram?

Reinstalling Windows with alternative copy:
Windows Registry Recovery (window title)
“One of the files containing the systems registry data
had to be recovered by use of a log or alternative copy.
The recovery was successful.”
Looking for suggestions…
I ran:
System Restore
sfc /scannow
TrueFix (?)
Windows repair serves up a BSOD pci.sys

Tech Tip:
The joys of an ide/sata to usb cable —
Have a working DVD drive on hand for repairs
just in case your customers computer either
lacks one OR has one that is no longer functioning.

Fighting Spyware Tip:
Sometimes you will get an infected machine that will not
allow you to update your cleaning tools.
There IS a trick.
Rename the installer
and copy the exe file and rename that too.
Good to go.
(Love learning about these tricks, Steve!)

Bad IDE port on a motherboard

Assisting my local pawn shop with machines
MicroCenter Rocks!

Excuse the burnout — I had to chill.
If you want to help me:
Keep sending me emails and voice mails!
Egg me on, if you will.

Email from Josh:
Tips on Remote access via MSN Live Messenger
Remote Assistance help posted for his clients.
(CX loves everything about this RA page!!)

Email from Mark:
Tips on marketing repair work during econimic downturn

Email from Andrew:
I need to be able to process credit cards! Help!
Steve gives PayPal advice using BuyNow.