Podnutz Daily #123 – Dangers of KVM Switches

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Dell Optiplex GX270 and Dimension 4600 SFF
— motherboard pops out on a tray
— one screw to remove the MB
— these MB are known to have leaky capacitors

Update your malware programs on clean machines!
If the computer is infected it will not let you update.

Installing processors – Don’t Force It!
Socket 478 processor or Socket AMD 939 processor
— lots of pins
— they should just fall into place
— never force them with your finger (oil)
— never use a conductor (toothpick will do)
— should be no wobble at all. Flush.

Tip for computer techs:
Have a floppy drive on hand.
You may be surprised to find how often
you have to convert floppy files to CD.

Data Doctors recovered the Iraq hard drive!
Dell Inspiron 6000 back from Iraq was in the shop
“Looks like it has been through a war”
Lots of spills and sand in the computer.
The hard drive was toasted.
Recommended he ship the hard drive to
the Data Doctors for recovery.
It had lots of movies and pictures on it from the war.
$1500 and a few months later — ALL DATA RECOVERED!
Podnutz #11- Interview: Ken Colburn from Data Doctors

The dangers of a KVM Switch:
Beware! The computer you think you are looking at
may not be the computer you ARE looking at!

Email from Juan
Will Log Me In allow you to boot into Safe Mode and keep control of it?
Log Me In Rescue (Not Free) will allow you to boot into Safe Mode
and reconnect once the boot is complete.
You cannot do this using Free even if With Networking chosen.

Email from Ray:
Does AMD run hotter than Intel?

Email from Geraldo:
Log Me In just for personal use? Read the fine print:
Why is it free?
Instructions on Silent install of Log Me In (free)

Voice mail from Andrew:
Advice for Hector on YellowBook