Podnutz Daily #127 – Have A Happy Holiday!

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Missing music in iTunes
How to find your default iTunes Music folder
My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/
Re-add this folder in iTunes
File/Add Folder

Cloning a 160GB HD to 320GB HD
AcronisV10 with Vista laptops
Can be tricky. There is another step required for success.
Still unable to use the Recovery Partition.
More on this later.

Read solutions from Experts Exchange for free.
— Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page
They always have good answers.

Reinstalling Windows XP via OEM disk:
If Windows is loading for the first time —
and you do not see the default desktop image
and the blue bar at the bottom is gray like Win 2000
and Internet Explorer is a globe that says internet
This means that Windows did not load properly.
Do NOT keep this installation. Start over.

Vista Media Center issue requires Windows Reinstall?
“Media Center has stopped working” and crashes.
This occurs consistantly upon trying to play a video/dvd
with any other 3rd party program as well. Crashes.

Sticky keys on a laptop.
Tried cleaning with electrical cleaner.
Might be beyond repair.

Save your old P4 478 retention brackets!
These sometimes break so it is handy to have extras.
Symptom: Computer will overheat and shut down.

Looks like Recover MyFiles worked on a quick formatted hard drive.

Email from Saddle:
Macbook issues and Saddle knows nothing about Macs
— Wifi only good short range (a few feet)
— One key on the keyboard does not work
— There is a hair inside the display

Email from William:
Check out gladinet.com
This application allows you to use the free 25GB from
Windows Live Sky Drive as a network drive.
(Works with other online storage services as well)

Email from Ray:
How do you spell nLite?
Looking for it but I think I am not spelling it correctly.

The mystery of setting up Wireless Routers
and the advice of not using the wireless router’s software.

CitizenX (Barbra) responds:
I will always link to the sites/utilities/repair tips that Steve mentions.
Sometimes I will check the chat log and pull links/solutions from there
even if Steve does not mention them on the show.

Please utilize the google search bar if you are
looking for something specific, and yes, correct spelling is important.

I apologize for my hiatus. I can assure you (the fans) 3 things:
1. It was due to circumstances beyond my control
2. I will do my best to get caught up.
3. I take my responsibility for these show notes very seriously.

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