Podnutz Daily #140 – XBOX 360 Red Rings Of Death

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My first Xbox 360 came into the shop today
– Troubleshooting red rings of death

Stuck keys on a laptop due to spills?
– Just replace the keyboard
– Make sure you get the correct model number of the keyboard
-HP DV series has several different models of keyboards

Power Jack hardware replacement
– Radio Shack size N
– Model number for the size N: 274-1583
– Larger one I have used on Viaos 274-1576

Screen issue on a Dell Laptop
– Sees shadow image but no backlight
– Bad inverter (powers the bulb – easy cheap replacement)
– Or bad bulb. Replace the screen.
– Tips on troubleshooting laptop screens

Link: Steve’s Updated Clean Up Routine

Manual System Restore in XP
– Replaces corrupt registry with known good copy
– Cures start up errors in Windows
– What files make up the Windows Registry
– How to manually restore using BartPE or Knoppix
– Thumbs Down on BartPE for slowness

Loud power supply fan with boot problems
– Hit it with the leaf blower to blow out dust
– Power supply fan has stopped groaning
– Boot problem was PC was going into chkdsk at start up
– Cust just had to let the process run its course.

Shop News:
How to thoroughly remove a stubborn antivirus
Still working on my Media PC VGA vs HDMI
– Blu-Ray 3rd Party software tips
– Help! Blu-Ray stand alone player ? Or Blu-Ray drive for media PC?
Considering 1/4 page ad in The Yellow Book

Email from Andrew:
Question: How to get Windows Vista OEM disk?

Email from Timster:
SeaGate Announcement attn: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11

Email from Juan:
24 pin to 20 pin Power Cable Converter used on an eMachines repair six months ago. Still good.

Email from Marv:
HP DV laptop capacitors do not fully discharge before shut down
Here is how to discharge them:
– Remove the battery
– Unplug the power brick
– Hold the Power button down for 15 seconds
– Plug everything back in. Problem solved. Boots fine
(This sneaky trick has made show notes before)

Email from Fred:
More advice on how to pass the A+ Certification test
Funny Mac Ad (video)

Live call from Nebben:
Questions about choosing a processor for his Production machine
Tech Bargain on a Dell