Podnutz Daily #142 – I Hate Verizon Internet Security Suite

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #142 – I Hate Verizon Internet Security Suite

More issues with malware not allowing malwarebytes to run:
– Repair permissions using Dial-A-Fix
– More on the use of Trojan Remover to assist in getting malwarebytes to run

Installing fans and getting good air flow:
– An Intel Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading runs HOT
– Learn how that lead to core duo processor
– Airflow should be in — over the CPU — and out again

Thumbs Down: Verizon Internet Security Suite
– It crashes the boot process on Windows
– Error STOP c000021a Fatal System Error
– This was one customers 3rd simultaneous running AV
– If you are handed a wonky computer and see this running…
just uninstall it. Root cause of dumb issues.

– The next episode of PodNutz is going to be about UBCD
.. sifting through its many programs/tools
Registry Repair Wizard simplified rebuilding the Registry by hand.
Fabs Auto Backup

TIP: Dell Factory Settings Backup revealed by hitting F11

[Cringe] Sony Vaio Guy walks in with crushed laptop
– both fists out of anger DOWN on the keyboard
– he crushed his HD
– replaced HD .. good to go.

Where to get the best drivers?
Sometimes you have to go to Acer Europe to get the best drivers
Sony drivers : thumb on the pulse as well as HP/Dell/Lonovo

Computer would not come out of standby:
Uncheck the “require password box” ?

Personal Tech News:
– I got a sansa clip mp3 player 2 gig @ $40
– getting new earbuds to replace the default
– Mention: SpiralFrog for music dwnlds
– Network Storage Buffalo NAS Link Station Live! (Read: “Remote access, Baby!”)

Voice Mail from Paul from San Antonio:
– Scott Mueller vs Scott Moulton & podnutz.com
– Tip for Barbra on nlite for slipstreaming and automating Windows installs. Orly?
– XBOX 360 & RedRingsODeath? Call Carey Holzman?
– What is Acronis Universal Install?
– Windows 7 bootable from USB?

Email from Roger:
DrWebCureIt to assist in running malwarebytes?

Email from Rick:
– How to get Windows to boot after a mother board replacement
Carey *again* mentioned for solution
– Acronis True Image with Universal Restore
– Listen for the nlite breakdown

Email from Bryce:
– Check out the Computer Repair Utility Kit

Email from Roger:
More on removing stubborn Anti Virus Programs

Email from AcidBurn:
More on solving the 360 red rings of death