Podnutz Daily #146 – MSAS2009.exe

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #146 – MSAS2009.exe

The quad core PC that replaced my MAC is handling the processes
required to do the show much better than the Mac.
– using Many Cam to handle the green screen

My least favorite security software is Verizon Internet Security Suite
– plugging in a usb drive caused Windows to bluescreen
– uninstalled the Verizon Security and it solved the issue.

New Virus Alert! Microsoft AntiSpyware 2009
– watch for MSAS2009
– Norton 2009 detects it but could not fix it
– It attaches itself to every exe file on your computer
– even if you kill the virus the system is corrupted
– signs/symptoms of MSAS 2009 and what to look for
– this virus infected my flash drive

Computer will not wake up from standby mode
– PS2 mouse had keyboard no issues
– this is only happening with a usb mouse/keyboard
– case fans are still running in standby mode (should not be)
– the sound driver may be creating this issue

Pentium 4 PC with 1g RAM wanting to install 2g of RAM
– Installed the additional stick and the computer kept rebooting
– Took out the additional RAM it would give 3 beeps and no video
– Troubleshot the RAM. It was not a bad stick
– Troubleshot the Video Card. It was not the video card
– Troubleshot the processor. No changes
– Must be the motherboard. WiIll upgrade the processor as well.

Latest laptop repairs
– replacing hinges
– replacing screen inverters
– how to search Ebay for these parts

Ebay Seller info
– I always go my screens from dvdsuper999
– Newest find screensfast sent a great name brand screen for cheap

Voice mail from Door To Door Geek
– Tips on case airflow and proper direction
– How to set up case fans
– He got a great deal on a Sansa mp3 player via WOOT
– Advice to install RockBox firmware on the Sansa for functionality
Orb allows you or your friends to access your media remotely. Still free.

Voice mail from William:
– Foxmarks plug-in for IE Get it Here

Email from listener:
– Removing text from bookmarks leaving only icons
– You can fit about 45 icons in the links toolbar in FF

Email from Todd:
– Contemplating Mac purchase

Email from Ray:
– Tips on cleaning a pc
– Beating the 2009 virus feels good

Live call from Timster:
– Comment on Door To Door Geeks airflow suggestion
– Airflow varies from chipset to chipset
– How Steve is editing his laptop videos
– Vista Movie Maker rocks!

Live call from Nebben:
– Testing mode in Vista allows you to test drivers
– In command prompt type: bcdedit / set testsinging on
– driver error messages
– Ben”s Tech Show BTS Live Wed 7pm and Sat 2pm