Podnutz Daily #152 – I Reveal My Source

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #152 – I Reveal My Source

Shop News
– An additional $60 to the regular service fee
– Prevents me from turning away ASAP customers
– I have been getting Norton 2009 for $15
– Good on three machines
– Selling to shop customers for $35
– My initial source was hcdi trading

Windows 7 64 bit shelved for Vista 32 bit
– Too many programs that I need were not compatible
– I also missed quick launch icons
– Vista today is good has worked out any bugs in last SP1

Registry Restore Wizard found on the UBCD
– Run this if you want to run System Restore to get a clean registry file
– Useful when malware has disabled your system restore
– Also using Revo Uninstaller and I love it. Thank you for suggesting!

Skype 4 Sucks and its Ugly:
– What did they do?
– Unintuitive

Email from Neil:
– Is it Neil or the famous Pruane2Forever?
– Website and RSS feed advice
Adobe Fireworks for Web Graphics
– My shop site is one big JPG
– Check the page source if you don’t believe me (lazy way)
– JPG sites not crawlable by google
Lynda.com for learning new software
– I am a member of Lynda. Great Video Tutorials.
Google has acquired FeedBurner
– Using any content management system will offer a feed creator.

Email from Simon:
– Looking for the laptop videos
Steve is striving for professionalism so hang tight fans

Emil from Tijs (T+Ice)
– Compaq that reboots after installing SP3
– Known issue with SP3 w/ Compaq and HP
– Google the error/problem
– It has something to do with the intel /amd drivers
– Also Try: Install all updates before you install SP3

Email from Sean:
– Looking for a better podcatcher than Media Fly
– Running Vista Ultimate no ipod
– Steve and chat help with suggestions

Live call from Timster:
– Tips on easily removing a heatsink from a processor
– Using a hairdryer to heat up the heat sink. It softens the paste
– Tim is also a new moderator at podnutz.com/forums
– Looking for other moderators to help Timster fight crime in the forums