Podnutz Daily #159 – SmitFraudFix is in the Mix

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #159 – SmitFraudFix is in the Mix

– Strange video/screen issues with intermittent fuzziness
– Tech Talk 24/7 at the bump top reinventing the desktop
HD Tune found hard drive issues that Sea Tools did not
Synergy easily share a mouse/keyboard between multiple computers and OS
– Tips on replacing a motherboard WITHOUT getting that blue screen
– Fix HDC (fix hard drive controller) from UBCD4Win
– Fixing Moody Blues laptop (wireless issue)
– Troubleshooting a clean but slow Windows/Create a new user account
– Running utilities in Safe Mode

Voice Mail from Nebben:
– What do you do with the bad hard drives you remove?

Voice Mail from Bob:
– Knoppix LIVE CD vs UBCD4Win

Email from datamike:
– DataMike has BartPE & UBCD4Win tutorials

Email from Brad:
– Memory problems system detects only one stick

Email from Ryan:
– More on email scams

Email from Rich:
– Pulled out of a tech rut due to podnutzdaily making Leo Laporte look tech lite

Email from Donte:
– Looking for advice for on-site repair and what to charge
– PayPal Buy it now to take on site credit cards