Podnutz Daily #162 – Tons of Great Emails and Voicemails

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– Chris Wieble is a new moderator in the forums
– Forums rules have been posted
– Chris is also building a PodNutz Wiki
– Log On Log Off Problems with XP — FIX
– Hard drive working overtime and you cannot find a reason? Disable error reporting

Voicemail from Andrew
– Trying Trojan Remover and looking for tips on this program
– Steve calls his Dad (who uses trojan remover) and it requires monitoring

Voicemail from Shane: an Australian Health Education teacher
– Podnutz is used in his class as an example of a community helping each other

Voicemail from Ben:
– Finding drivers for motherboards ECS Taiwan support
– Selling Ubuntu

Voicemail from DoorToDoorGeek
– Media Center PC Tuner Card (analog) vs Real TV (digital)
– More on Linux Mint has great drivers + Sun Java and Flash
– Reinvent your desktop with bumptop

Email from Ray:
– PC vs Mac motherboards
– All Mac motherboards are proprietary

Email from Matt:
AT command in Windows

Email from Sam:
– Stop error on reboot and tips to solve

Email from listener
– Feeling brave taking apart laptops after your videos
– Ribbon cables snap in, snap out, push in, push out… depends on the connector

Email from Anthony:
– Help removing an anti-virus program

Email from Ray:
– Gateway laptop will not boot
– Work Smarter Not Harder

Email from Mitch:
– Heat sink came off on a Dell & how to remove a motherboard from a tray
– Mitch offers in-depth solutions with photos here

Email from Mark:
– Vista cannot be repaired like XP using the install media from UBCD4Win? Yes it can!
– Mark posts instructions via his blog Techwalker.net on this Vista in-place upgrade

Email from Tom:
– Steve’s new TV is a Samsung

Email from Rich
– More on advertising (expectations)

Email from Andrew
– Looking for tools/utilities that will clean & work with Windows ME

Email from Ray
– Renaming malwarebytes.exe did not start the program up
– Solution: Running Avira from UBCD4Win allowed malwarebytes to run

Live call from Mitch
– More on repairing the Dell motherboard
– Dell Led Error Code Lights

Live call from Doc
– Ribbon cable connectors/locks
– Advertising in a local weekly paper