Podnutz Daily #192 – SandBoxIE – Have You Tried It?

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Steve McLaughlin (Door To Door Geek) joins us again to enlighten us on some  tools we may not have used yet, but wish we have.

Welcome to Steve McLaughlin from Door-to-Door Geek

This week in the Computer Repair Field

  • System File Checker
  • Steve reports a printing problem from a client, solving it over the phone. A word document wouldn’t print so he instructed the client to copy and paste in a new document and the new document did print.
  • After a power outage the printer changed IP address, over the phone Steve was able to talk the client through to create a new port.
  • Remember to use plain English terms, so the customer feels comfortable.
  • Even if the customer thinks they know what their problem is, is not necessarly right.
  • Stay away from Yahoo! Answers
  • Steve M. talks about referrals, he makes a special discount when they say they will refer someone else
  • A friend of Steve’s makes a deal with a local Pizza place where he places a business card along with the pizza receipt, which turned out very good.
  • Steve M. leaves a business card inside a ziploc bag to new neighbors.
  • Steve M. recommends using SandBoxie which is halfway between your real OS and a Virtual Machine, it basically creates a service between that goes in between the user interface and the kernel, intercepting all of the calls of a given application, putting it in a “sandbox”
  • They talk about Zero-day exploits, which is one that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes generally known.
  • Steve M. knows of two software that say they can stop Zero-day Exploits: Kaspersky, eEye
  • Steve M. talks about a Windows Vista laptop with no patch applied who couldn’t connect to the internet. Steve fixed the problem by liberating router space and rebooting it.
  • Steve M. talks about Mark Russinovich’s Advance Malware Removal Video
  • In the video Mark Russinovich talks about several Rootkit removal tools.

From Mark’s Presentation:
Three classes of rootkit detection:

–End Quote–

  • Steve M talks about a Command Line Reference: Data Base and Operating Systems Website
  • Steve M recommends Learning SQL from that same website.


  • Andrew the Computer Guy talks about a computer from last show, which had problems with the power supply and needed the service packs
  • Alexander from Michianacomputers.net recommends a mat to fix laptops, links on the forum on this thread.
  • Steve-o talking about PQI USB memory stick 4GB
  • Mike from SUPERAntiSpyware, has a free online scanner
  • Jerry talks about how to distributing logme in for free
  • Kins35 talks about Flash Cookies, also called LSO which can be managed with the settings manager
  • Steve M talks about Flush Flash
  • Steve M uses Steven Gould’s CleanUP!
  • James has a problem with a Dell Vostro 1400 with no video, Steve recommends discharge motherboard and remove the WiFi card, possible Motherboard issue. Steve recommendsburping the laptop, with-no hard drive and screen open.
  • Steve M talks about Universal Extractor using SandBoxie
  • Steve M gave his email address doortodoorgeek at gmail dot com
  • Remember the Laptop Repair Videos

Show Notes by: Luis Pedro Perez from GeekForce Guatemala