Podnutz Daily #194 – How Do You Get A Browser Without A Browser?

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Bryce Whitty from Technibble.com joins us again, recently coming back from a vacation in China.  We go over some great repair tips and a few computer repair stories from Bryce.

Bryce Whitty – Technibble.com
Bryce back from China.

  • Message from outlook . DB is too large. Office 2007. Older DB limit is 2GB but 2003 and 2007 have 20GB limit. Weird, user was not at limit. DB using old format so 2GB was limit (ANSI vs UNICODE) Created new DB and archived all data to new encoding.
  • Email client and Browser options discussion
  • Job in new home – Wiring patch panel – watch out for fire alarm lines when toning out the lines.
  • Discussion of China’s limited and restricted Internet


  • Paul – Sandboxie – Threat-fire also recommended . Found on low end machines it can be a resource hog. Good for multicore or high RAM PC’s. Disagrees that google toolbar is useless. Finds that there is much more uses for the toolbar.
  • D2D – Explaining why he is not calling in much lately. Recommended FOG – Free Open Ghost.
  • D2D – Podnutz online shownotes. Acid Burn show – adds to terminology. Comments on 2.4Ghz and 5.0 Ghz router differences.


  • Kevin: RI Data twister USB that locks. Google it and you will find several sellers for it.
  • Jim – ketarin.canneverbe.com – keeps software up to date – repair tool of the week on technibble. Canneverbe.com
  • Steve-0
1. Finding viruses are harder to remove. Linux based A/V scan – Kapersky ISO download helps.
2. OS10 on MAC then running WINE. DavidBAUMdied.com
3.System Restore also cheating
4. Snow leopard
5. Purell replacement artic silver.com articlean

Notes written by Raul – Ecticon