Podnutz Daily #200 – Tips From Canada

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Stevland Ambrose from NelsonPC.com joins us this week from British Columbia, Canada.

Stevland Ambrose from NelsonPC.com

Topics discussed:
•    Sports
•    Stevland does both on-site and in-house repairs.
•    Stevland started on-site at first, then grew later on into having a shop.
•    Stevland talks about a new business idea, based on the kids that approach to you to clean your car’s Winshield, now they can clean your LCD laptop screen.
•    A lot of malware fixes, he fixes using ERD Commander (standard google search) which is a bootable CD from Microsoft last version 2008.
•    Stevland talks about Mark’s Advanced Malware Cleaning
•    Stevland uses SUPERantispyware to remove malware, then Process Explorer to verify the process currently running on the computer.
•    One computer that had a Malware infestation, after creating a partition to do a system format and fresh install, when transferring the user files back the Malware activated again, he forgot to run the antivirus to the user files.
•    He uses both Avast and Norton to scan the files for virus
•    He uses Paragon partition manager to partition a hard drive.
•    Stevland shares a 2001 story where he lost all his data after he decided to partition his computer, later on he read in his textbook that computer technicians always mess up their own computer. He fixed it with Ontrack Recovery Software
•    An other customer brought him 3 computers, one of them was really old running Windows 98 he remembered a couple of important facts of windows 98:
◦    If the computer has a password, you can skip it by pressing ESC or cancel
◦    Always disable the screen saver to defrag the disk or else it will
•    He installed Clamwin, which is a free antivirus.
•    He’s been watching about some security updates from Microsoft on some Vista and WindowsXP machine
Voicemails from Door-to-Door Geek
•    Talks about a craigslist deal, where he checks the email header, and trace back the IP address to verify if the deal is real.
•    Gives a tiny URL for his project to create a free customer CMS system http://tinyurl.com/customerCMS1 help him giving him feed back
•    Telling Steve not to talk about the Phillies anymore.
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Notes by Luis Pedro Pérez from GeekForce Guatemala