Podnutz Daily #203 – Give System Restore Some Love

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #203 – Give System Restore Some Love

Steve talks with Paul Ayala from Courante Online in San Antonio
Paul handles computer repairs, consulting, and website development

Topics discussed:

Web development tips

  • Hostgater for unlimited space and bandwidth with some warnings
  • Godaddy.com for domain hosting
  • Motionbox.com for hosting streaming video as an alternative to youtube
  • Jalbum is a free program for creating an online photo-album
  • It is still handy to know HTML and CSS for modifying standard web development packages
  • Lynda.com for training tutorials in HTML and CSS
  • Paul reccomends Expression Web for wysiwyg html editing
  • Putting googleapps on your domain


  • Door to Door Geek’s ongoing issues with Windows and waffles and offers opinions on Windows Security Essentials and Threatfire Anti-virus
  • An email from Mike in Maine finding a problem with a shorted USB jack causing what appeared to be a motherboard problem

Notes by Mike Evans at datamike.net