Podnutz Daily #258 – Jason And His Tech Giveaway

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #258 – Jason And His Tech Giveaway

Steve is joined by Jason fromLilGeekShop.net

Topics, Links and Tips:

Business Ideas:

  • Cheap electronics alternatives toys/tablets for christmas sales
  • Lay-away for people strapped with cash
  • Helping people at Walmart or K-Mart in the electronics aisles
  • business fliers with the latest deals at the front counter
  • Market brainstorming with relatives or friends
  • Demo media center/game emulator
  • Get word of mouth referrals by dealing with bosses and managers
  • Building video surveillance computers
  • Home theatre
  • Point Of Sales Systems (POS)
  • ADs in shopper-type magazines


  • Nick tells a story about a dust ridden computer that would not turn until it was cleaned, possibly as a protection because the CPU fan was not turning
  • A writer says that .co is the top level domain for Colombia
  • Peter writes about System Repair Engineer from KZTechs.com, it helps users troubleshoot system issues
  • Brett writes about a repaired computer that wouldn’t boot properly because of a bad keyboard

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Music provided by Evan King
Notes by Mike Evans at datamike.net