Podnutz Daily #260 – More Great Laptop Tips

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #260 – More Great Laptop Tips

Steve is joined by Lotfi the Reballer atwww.laptopreballing.co.uk at can be found on twitter @laptoptopreballing

Topics, Tips, and Links Discussed:

  • Working on commission or freelance for other business
  • Using other businesses as a drop-off point for computers
  • Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables
  • Kon-Boot allows you to change contents of a linux or Windows kernel while booting allowing you to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password
  • Lotfi is in the process of converting his business from store-front customer-oriented type to an industrial park type business
  • Reflowing repair vs reballing repair
  • Using mx2 thermal paste and after market fans
  • General discussion of laptop heat related issues and symptoms
  • Shower,space,protect 3 rules for reballing
  • Gumtree is similar to craigslist for listings
  • Proper cleanup of a laptop for dust
  • Everest Ultimate Edition is a PC diagnostics software utility that provides information about your system including hardware devices and installed drivers (note: there is a discontinued free version that can be found here
  • Speedfan temperature monitor and fan control utility
  • LCD power supply tester
  • Using genuine power charging supplies for laptops
  • Lotfi uses a Collection of 100,000 drivers that he found on a torrent site
  • Using msconfig to increase performance


  • Jim is having a issue removing a mother board from a toshiba satellite a70-75
  • Mark writes about Windows Intune from Microsoft thats lets you centrally manage and secure your PCs a web-based console
  • Kevin tells of another Comcast fail

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Music provided by Evan King
Notes by Mike Evans at datamike.net