Podnutz Daily #286 – Steve D Live In Studio

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #286 – Steve D Live In Studio

Steve is joined by Steve Damico fromstevendamico.com and SMD Computer

Topics, Tips, and Links Discussed: Remote repair

  • Laptop tethering with rooted Android phone
  • Hitman Pro antivirus
  • Alureon virus
  • TDSSKiller from Kaspersky removes malware belonging to the family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS (aka Tidserv, TDSServ, Alureon)
  • Zone Alarm firewall software
  • Internet security suites
  • Bulk buying of antivirus for resale
  • Computer with bad memory issue
  • Selling add-on accessories
  • Problems with Google Voice

Steve D discusses different remote software

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Music provided by Evan King
Notes by Mike Evans at datamike.net