Podnutz Daily #299 – KnuckleHead Tech

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #299 – KnuckleHead Tech

Steve is joined by Josh Williams(knucklehead tech)

Computers worked on:

  • Computer with virus, browser not connectiing to internet after virus scan’s, saw proxy settings changed in LAN connections
  • Computer hogging lots on trafic on business network, traced to user having a dropbox app that chewed up bandwidth

Topics, Tips, and Links discussed:

Josh’s thoughts on different anitrus progrems including


  • Reliant wants to remind people about using teamspeak to talk to other podnutz fans using the following credentials: podnutz.intant.ts port 4160
  • Dell lattitude C810 with driver problems, Steve recomends a full reinstall
  • Steve-O writes about showmewhatswrong.com to let you send screen capture videos to people fortechnical help
  • Paul had a random shutdown problem on a Toshiba laptop, that was eventually traced to an under-rated (wattage) power brick
  • Casey has trick for scheduling on-site appointments
  • incredibling annoying youtube tutorial on cleaning laptop fans
  • Andrew has a T30 has an apparently bad memory slot, Steve has no advice other than a bad motherboard
  • Liam gives a page on Changing an XP Retail disk to OEM and back

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Notes by Mike Evans at datamike.net