Podnutz Daily #317 – Mikogo – Free Remote Desktop

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Podnutz Daily #317 Show Notes

Andrew Donnelly in England and Mark Zondler in Germany discuss Mikogo, their free cross-platform desktop sharing tool for web conferencing, online meetings, and remote support. Paid commercial versions are also available.
Guest hosting today, filling in for vacationing Steve C, is Tim Kelly, Tim’s Computer Repair, in Savannah, Georgia

Discussion Topics:

  • Tim talks about the Popureb rootkit that has been gaining notoriety and he has been seeing a lot of in his shop
  • Mikogoprovides aportable executable clients for both PC and Mac included with version 3
    • Communicates cross-platform — PC to Mac/Mac to PC
    • Linux client is included with new version 4
    • Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android are being developed — stay tuned
    • Mikogo is a product developed by Beamyourscreen.com
  • Mikogoinstallation and use process
    • Connection via Mikogo web site
    • Both clients download and install a client
    • A nine-digit ID provided to enter to make connection
    • File transfer feature included for up to 200MB
    • Switch presenter feature to determine which client is viewed
    • Initial viewing direction setting to determine which client is seen first
    • Client consent-to-view required
    • Client has ability to disable remote control at any time
    • Up to 25 people can join one session at a time
    • Can log-off, log-on as admin to install a program, log-off and back on as another user
  • Advanced Features
    • Mikogo is not installed on hard drive, resides in RAM temporarily
    • USB thumb-drive portable
    • Ease of use and speed of connection is major selling point
    • Automatic update feature included
    • Special keyboard combination functions included in version 4
    • Version 4 does not require registration for basic application use
    • Registration required to enable use of advanced communication features
    • Scheduler allows advance notification of multiple users of planned meeting
    • Application Selection allows user to hide selected applications from viewer
    • Preview monitor features a screen insert that allows presenter to see what the viewer sees
    • Multiple monitor selection
    • Picture quality setting
    • Instant Screen Buildup transmits only the part of the screen area that is changed first for higher speed
    • Session Recording option to small file format
    • No time limit per session, session per day limit, or number of days of usage limit
    • Lock Session feature prevents anyone else from joining a session once established
    • Password can be added to session
    • Chat included with group membership controls
    • Profile Manager allows you to create custom session profiles by selecting the features needed for different situations
    • Works in safe mode with networking
    • Whiteboard allows you to draw/highlight/write on your screen and, in group sessions, for participants to draw and write on shared screen to collaborate and communicate ideas
    • Available in over 30 languages–used in over 180 countries

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  • Robert repairs laptops as hobby and asks advise on a Toshiba Satellite A65 that, after replacing motherboard,  shuts down immediately after powering on.
  • James relates his encounter with XP2011 antivirus infection and his solution using System Restore. Timster comments on some issues with System Restore to be considered.
  • Billy writes about his first job — Acer Aspire One Happy 2DQpp net-book with screen that goes all white with big black blobs when he turns on the laptop. He suspects bad screen but having difficulty determing how to remove screen without scratching surface. Did he try an external monitor first? Advise on removing screen without scratching surface.
  • Kevin (Reliant in Podnutz Forums) relates his experience defeating Windows 7 AntiVirus 2012 Scanner computer infection, its lingering effects, and his ultimate solution.

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