Podnutz Daily #319 – Dan Hand of ACRBO.com

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A podcast for computer repair techs, BY computer repair techs!

Podnutz Daily #319 Show Notes

The guest today is Dan Hand (hand in Podnutz Forums), the founder of ACRBO.com (Association of Computer Repair Business Owners), who operates several computer repair and service business originating out of Computer Medics in Northern Virginia.
Tim Kelly, Tim’s Computer Repair, continues to fill-in for vacationing host, Steve C.

Discussion Topics:

  • Tim discusses a just-in repair job for a Jetta laptop, a previously unknown brand for him.
  • ACRBO update. Now over 2000 members strong internationally, membership credentials, credibility, and benefits, preferred vendor discounts
  • Dan’s shop setup, services, and location
  • Business Retainer Contracts
  • Establishing customer relations
  • Bomgar hardware based remote support equipment Dan employs in multiple businesses, including OnlineComputerConnection.com OnlineComputerRepair.co
  • Website services
  • Competition and diversification
  • Security camera installation, equipment, and support
  • Small business support
  • Limited Liability Corporation types, protections, benefits and setup process LLC.com
  • ComputerRepairBusiness.net book and updated e-book
  • Balanced integration of social networking with  business strategy

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Nile (sadlesore in Podnutz Forums) writes in response to Podnuts Daily 307 on  how he addresses raising subject of fees with customers, getting payed “…never return a computer before a customer confirms on the phone they will have full payment available on return”,
Rob has a question about hard drive or BIOs password cracking

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