Podnutz Daily #321 – Ray From Umpire Computers

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A podcast for computer repair techs, BY computer repair techs!

Podnutz Daily #321 Show Notes

Today Ray Bigam from Umpire Computers, Anderson Indiana, discusses dealing with the
TDL-4 Botnet, Big-Box support services, selling his business, and his new business ventures.

Discussion Topics:

Microsoft Stand Alone Sweeper

Hitman Pro

kaspersky tdsskiller

McAfee Stinger

  • Comcast Computer Support Services wind-fall for his shop
  • The future of computer repair shops
  • Branding your business
  • His local business social networking activities– Connect Madison County Spotlight Madison County
  • His new pod-casting venture
  • Tips on selling your business
  • Bookkeeping issues and accounting software

EMAIL (mail@podnutz.com):

  • Peter asks advice for obtaining discounted parts and suggestions for the most needed tool to keep in a shop for a mobil operation. Ray suggests these vendors: Infotel–the wholesale side of TigerDirect, Leadertechusa, NeweggBusiness, Dvdsupper999, Blueraven. Steve C and Ray discuss good tools to keep in shop and make suggestions for getting further information.
  • Steve writes looking for a hardware tool to copy a large amount of data to sapan across multiple DVDs automatically.

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