Podnutz Daily #324 – Ralph Joins Us

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #324 – Ralph Joins Us

A podcast for computer repair techs, BY computer repair techs!

Personal History / Work Experience
i) Engineering
ii) Network Administration
*Geek Squad Technician / Best Buy Sales
*Helpdesk Technician
*Helpdesk Analyst
*Future plans

Sales strategies
*Match your client with the right product by recognizing their needs
i) Ask trigger questions
ii) Find their hidden needs
*Focus more on sales, less on repairs (automate, automate, automate)
i) If you haven’t sold any of your services, you don’t have any repairs in your queue
ii) People WILL wait for a repair as long as they know it’s being worked on
*Under promise, over deliver
i) Do the simple extras
-Physical Cleaning
-Run a malware diagnosis even on simple repairs
-Promise a 3-day turn around, and deliver in 2 (Open to modification)

*Virus scanning automation (see Avert, D7, etc)
*OS update automation (WSUS)
*Drive Imaging/Cloning (When applicable)
*App install/updating automation
i) Ninite.com to install
ii) schedule task uses ninite installer to update apps monthly
*Remain mobile
i) Use Evernote for documentation (on phone, on pc, online)
ii) Use Dropbox to maintain your tools / backup your tools
iii) Use portable apps on flash drive whenever possible
iv) Store tools / documents on your phone if flash drive is not available
v) Make use of Google apps on the go, zoho as well