Podnutz Daily #334 – Ray From Tech Chat Show

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Ray Bigam from TechChatShow joins us this week.

Podnutz Daily #334 Show Notes

Ray Bigam, TechChatShow.com, returns from Anderson Indiana to talk about his new show which concentrates on the business side of running a repair business — the mechanics, how to make money, and survive. He also talks about running a business during good times and bad and some outreach techniques and customer service. Ray was previously on Podnutz Daily #321 and Podnutz Daily #279.

Discussion Topics:

  • Plugs the new TheGeeksters show that features some of the Podnutz and teamspeak people
  • Marketing considerations, techniques, tips, and doing good business
    • AdWords
    • SEO
    • Business Cards
    • Pens
    • Bumper Stickers
    • Sunscreens
    • Thinking outside the box
  • Pod-casting insiders discussion by pod-casters

EMAIL (mail@podnutz.com):

  • Josh recommends PCRepairTracker. Ray cautions that the tool is web based only and has some limitations and requirements that he points out. He recommends some other options to consider.

VOICEMAIL (707-6podnut):

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