Podnutz Daily #336 – Patrick Palmer – The Computer Guy

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Patrick Palmer joins us fromTheComputerGuy.bz

Podnutz Daily #336 Show Notes

Patrick Palmer TheComputerGuy.bz in Hamption Iowa is today’s guest. After 17 years in radio broadcasting and 6 years working in cell phone store Patrick migrated his tech experience into a computer repair based business in 2006 out of his home, eventually growing and  moving to a downtown shop with one full time and one part-time employee.  Patrick talks about his growth to neighboring towns, spreading the word of his services through networking, interaction with his community, getting to know folks in local hangouts, and his many promotional activities.

Discussion Topics:

  • small talk
  • conversation starters
  • connecting with different groups of people
  • business cards
  • Vistaprint
  • link his phone to multiple cell phone numbers that associate with cities he services
  • free services to attract customers and establish community connection
  • multiple income streams
  • remote repairs
  • affiliate– Commission Junctions
  • “eat your own dog food” — order through your affiliate
  • Contract work Sentech Services, OnForce, Field Nation, Workmarket, oDesk, Nexicore, Gurus2Go, Barrister,
  • Warranty Repair
  • Parades
  • Contests and promotional activities
  • Attracting sponsors
  • The Computer Guy Facebook Page
  • In shop classroom– time for rent and some free classes
  • Social networking sites techniques and uses

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  • Jestine asks about a concern whether new HP integrated circuit design makes laptops harder to repair.
  • David writes about using the Windows Migration Assistant to migrate from Windows to Mac.
  • Nick asks advice for a problem with a  Western Digital hard drive.

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