Podnutz Daily #339 – Chris Barre – Making More Money

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A podcast for computer repair techs, BY computer repair techs! Chris Barre fromTechnologyAdventures.com give us some killer tips on how to make more money!  Email him atchris@technologyadventures.com if you want him to make a product!

Hosted by Eric Arduini fromSiliconWrench.com


Podnutz Daily #339 Show Notes

The guest today is Chris Barre from TechnologhAdventures.com in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Chris has contributed to many Podnutz shows; his Podnutz Daily appearances include: Podnutz Daily #216  – Ready For A Technology Adventure? and Podnutz Daily #255 – Are You Using Home Server?.  He is also a regular on  the Geeksters.tv/unbootables podcast. Today he discusses some recent experiences and shares some of his money making successes. Chris also asks for listener input on a new product idea being considered for inclusion in the lineup of Podnuts product offerings.

Eric Arduini SiliconWrench.com is guest hosting during the month of January.

Discussion Topics:

  • Warranty terms and support
  • Random freeze-up issue related to BIOS update
  • Antec Sonata III computer case
  • New service opportunities for his business
  • Making money providing Apple sales and services
  • Migration Assistant
  • Apple mouse verses track-pad
  • Telling a customer he cannot provide a service, but connecting with someone who can
  • How to do new things to make money and sell new services
  • You need to make sales to provide customer service
  • Do not assume that you know what a customer thinks or thinks is needed
  • Selling product plus service
  • Office 365 — Exchange in the Cloud
  • Contrast with Outlook on Google Apps and Office 365
  • Microsoft Partner Reseller account
  • Windows Intune
  • Service Contracts
  • Monthly maintenance services
  • Free consultation for Business client procedure and benefits
  • FreshBooks
  • Truthful use of  Fear
  • email Chris at TechnologyAdventures.com if you are interested in a product with more complete guidance on growing your business and money making techniques like he has brought to this and previous episodes of Podnutz Daily.
  • ACRBO Magazine

EMAIL (mail@podnutz.com):

  • Rob asks advise on how to deal with requests for free information or advice. Eric says it often leads to paying business down the road. Chris also gives away free simple advise, it often leads to profit.
  • Bernie B recommends XMarks for transferring bookmarks and Migration Assistant for migration to new Mac setup.

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