Podnutz Daily #340 – Insights From A Blind Technician

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Corey Knapp joins us for a discussion with some great tech tips and insight from a visually impaired technician.

Hosted by Eric Arduini fromSilliconWrench.com


Podnutz Daily #340 Show Notes

Corey Knapp from New York is today’s guest to talk about being a successful blind computer tech. Corey talks about some of the tools he uses, jobs he’s done, and how he has mastered his skills. He discusses creating automatic installation discs with switches to silently install the Windows OS with all additional applications need to produce a user ready computer.

Eric Arduini SiliconWrench.com is guest hosting during the month of January.

Discussion Topics:

  • How does he respond to a customer call
  • His does not provide remote support due to limitations of the screen readers he uses
  • He uses an open source portable usb based screen reader– NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access )
  • How his screen reader works and the differences between portable the version and the full desktop versions
  • Registry editor that works with screen reader
  • He diagnoses 80% of problems without assistance
  • Can build a computer from scratch in about two hours
  • Producing automated silent installation discs
  • USB program that speaks what is happening on boot-up
  • Always backs up machine before he begins with DriveSnapshot — it is portable and works while Windows is running.
  • Generates an up-front report of hardware and software configuration of each customer computer with SIW (System Information for Windows) Portable that gives detailed report of what is in the machine with serial numbers, etc. Not free but worth it.
  • Ryanvm.net for Windows XP updates
  • SyncBack Portable to update image file changes for refresh install of recurring customers
  • QNap NAS is expensive but is his preferred recommendation
  • RTSeven Lite for slipstreaming service pack integration for Windows 7 installs
  • nLite available to create customized installation CDs or DVDs for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista
  • MFSN.org for switches to apply to the script for silent auto installation discs
  • Ripping CD and DVD for customers’ media collections as a service
  • Basic application and computer usage training services
  • Time Freeze free instant system security and restore solution
  • PCDecrapifier for removing unwanted programs from a computer
  • Glary Utilities to clean and optimize
  • SLIC Certification files for OEM installs


Eric announces the new ACRBO Magazine and a new offering for Fab’s AutoBackup

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