Podnutz Daily #342 – ACRBO's New Magazine

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A podcast for computer repair techs, BY computer repair techs!

Dan Hand from ACRBO joins us this week with some tips and introduces us to the newACRBO magazine!

Hosted by Eric Arduini fromSiliconWrench.com


Podnutz Daily #342 Show Notes

It’s great to welcome back to the show Dan Hand, founder and master-mind behind the ACRBO (Association of Computer Repair Business Owners). While still connected with Computer Medics in Northern Virginia, Dan has a lot of things going on he will touch upon today. Dan fills us in on the new ACRBO Magazine which contains articles from business owners, innovators, and other sources relevant to current and aspiring computer repair business owners as well as others who are interested in the tricks of the trade. Dan also discuses his many other activities, inventions, writing, and customer service strategies. Dan has appeared on these earlier Pondutz Daily shows: Podnutz Daily #41: Roll Those PC Dice!, Podnutz Daily #319: Dan Hand of ACRBO.com. He goes by hand in the Podnutz Forums

Discussion Topics:

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Jason Miller from Unbound Digital highly recommends the pro version of Ninite that enables the download of Ninite One which allows you to run the program from a USB stick or network share and cache programs on a USB drive or network share. A new feature allows silent background remote network installs to multiple computers at once while users continue to work and provides a status report that details the progress of each computer. Additional features included with Ninite Pro include the ability to disable user annoying auto update notifications. Jason has combined these abilities using batch files (see below) Ninite Command line Switches, Task Scheduler, and Switch Off to automate cache and program updates and system reboots.  He also uses in his business WSUS offline updater, Fab’s Auto-Backup for Techs, and Katerin to keep his shop running efficiently. All tools have been configured to run from a flash drive.

The Batch Files:

Silent Update – “NiniteOne.exe /updateonly /silent updates.txt”

Updates all programs on the pc and saves a log of status and updates preformed.to updates.txt in the Ninite Directory You can change the path of the updates.txt file to any directory. He changes it to a network share and calls it the name of the pc its updating on the computers on which he uses the task scheduler.

Update Only – “NiniteOne.exe /updateonly”

This will do the same thing as the Silent Update but it will show the GUI as it installs them

Update Cache – “NiniteOne.exe /select Firefox Chrome Safari Flash “Flash (IE)” Silverlight Air Java Shockwave 7-zip Putty CCleaner Auslogics Notepad++ AIM CutePDF Picasa “K-lite Codecs” Yahoo! Skype VLC Messenger Reader iTunes OpenOffice QuickTime .NET “.NET 4” CDBurnerXP “Google Earth” Malwarebytes Super Essentials Avast AVG /updatecache”

This will update the Cache on your flash drive or Network share  (note these are the programs Jason has cached on his shop’s USB drives. You can do any of the programs you wish that Ninite offers.)

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