Podnutz Daily #346 – Nick From D7

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Nick Shaw from FoolshIT.com joins us to talk about his program you all love, D7!

Hosted by Eric Arduini from SilliconWrench.com


Podnutz Daily #346 Show Notes

Nick Shaw, FoolishIT.com author of the D7, the multi functional computer service utility to assist technicians in gaining quick access to system information and automating tasks for discovering and solving problems. Nick, who has been a bench tech, independently and for multiple companies, since 1997, developed D7 to address the complex demands of the repetitive processes technicians encounter daily. He discusses here its functions, evolution, and choices he mad in development. This is a must listen episode for extensive eye-opening commentary on this full-featured utility by the developer. Also visit Follish IT Fourms for more support information.

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A listener asks about a “PXE-61 Media Test Failure” error. The consensus diagnoses by Eric and Nick is that it is an unresponsive hard drive

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