Podnutz Daily #347 – Chris Barre "Wise Technician"

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Chris Barre joins us again to gives us some great tips and premote his latest product theWise Technician Video Series!


Podnutz Daily #347 Show Notes

Chris Barre WiseTechnician.com and Technology Adventures introduces his WiseTechnician video series on starting a computer repair business, marketing, and smart profit growth stratedgies. He also talks about recent computer repair jobs he has encountered. You can check out his earlier contributions to Podnutz Daily at Podnutz Daily #339 – Chris Barre – Making More Money, Podnutz Daily #216  – Ready For A Technology Adventure?,  and Podnutz Daily #255 – Are You Using Home Server?

Discussion Topics:

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  • Dan from ACRBO (Association of Computer Repair Owners) reminds everyone about the site update and the new ACRBO Magazine
  • John recommends hot glue to replace missing rubber feet on quipmnt
  • Dan, a new listener, asks advice on how to deal with or charge a customer who returns shortly after a job with recurring problem or defective newly installed part. Chris offers options depending on the customer and situation. For hardware defects, chris warrants labor for 90 days and parts for one year.
  • Luis has a problem with BIOS, OS, and hard drive passwords.
  • John asks for recommendation of online course for computer repair and tips on best and worst computers to work on. Steve recommends Professor Messor.com. Chris agrees and recommends some self-learn  techniques and Laptop Repair Videos. The chat room also recommends BrieTech Online Tech Support. As for best and worst — desktops are all about the same and laptops vary over time and offer more challenges.
  • Monty fixes older Toshiba broken jack with a creative solution.
  • Jason writes about a simpler CQ56 screen replacement procedure than previously discussed. He describes his shops virus removal methods, hard drive replacement policies, and customer service warranties.
  • Adrian asks if repairing tablet pc is same as repairing laptops. The answer is no and there is going to be a big demand for tablet repair.

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Mark calls in on his procedure for  keeping wireless passwords for customers. Chris and Steve discuss their approaches and some options.

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