Podnutz Daily #348 – Call That Girl Takes Risks

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Lisa Hendrickson from CallThatGirl.biz talks about risk taking in the computer repair business field.

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Podnutz Daily #348 Show Notes

Lisa Hendrickson form CallThatGirl is back with more great stories about her fast growing business. She has grown from a lone  technician operating out of her home to now preparing to open her fourth store, sll during the short time since she became a Podnutz contributor back in October of 2010. Also, In this episode, Lisa introduces a new three-book package deal of her popular business building publications.

Lisa was last on Podnutz Daily #332 — Why Should You Do Remote Support, where you will also find links to her previous Podnutz Daily appearances.

Discussion Topics:

  • New ideas for business expansion
  • Evolution of her business growth
  • Risk taking
  • Learning by doing and failing
  • Dealing with demands of multiple locations
  • Hiring first employee
  • Using interns
  • Hiring family rule
  • Growth driven investment challenges
  • Project driven business stratedgy
  • Cost of expansion
  • Learning the new neighborhood
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Service contract development and growth demands
  • Payroll management, requirements, laws, and forms
  • Hiring professionals who specialize in doing that accounting and legal stuff
  • Building relationships
  • Contracting out some services related to your business but not your main concentration
  • Finding specialists you need
  • Changing processes, procedures, and monitoring
  • Training staff
  • Quality control
  • The Dream!
  • Changing store locations
  • Sales
    • Pre-paid plans
    • anti-virus protection plans
    • membership packages
    • affiliation plans
  • Getting through the stress

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  • Rick, a fitness equipment repair tech, recounts how the Podnutz shows have helped him in his business by guiding him to more efficient and ess costly repair strategies.
  • Larry asks about an Hp Pavilion Entertainment (dv6000?) that won’t start, light comes on and off immediately. Steve suggests reballing as solution, although really more information is needed, and recommended Podnutz Forums.
  • Jeff (Black Hammer) of the Droid Nation podcast praises the value of the Podnutz community for his personal knowledge growth, how it has helped him to help others, and his plans for further application.

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