Podnutz Daily #477 – Shayna Pittman from Red Agent Solutions

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Shayna Pittman from Red Agent Solutions


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How I made it in the Field

  • By accident (my parents bought a computer a did not want and ITT not having multimedia at the time had no choice but networking)
  • Since 2007 as a student and newbie professional
  • Associates in Computer Networking Systems and have one more year left to get a Bachelors in Digital Investigations (on hiatus now)
  • My first job was really not in tech but in customer service which allowed me to open up to people, got a feel of how to handle customer interactions
  • Started computer repair through family and word of mouth, my first break was volunteering for a CPA and I have gotten so much experience from her that opened many doors this coming year (including having my own office) don’t want to be the (wo) man in the van or a pizza tech lol

The Computer Repair Life

  • This was my better year which is giving that motivation to keep it pushing
  • Still most of clients are word of mouth but have gotten some that found me online
  • I do have the CPA of which I support her network, server and all I keep it clean, running, not too many issues, every December I just assist her in ensuring she is straight for the upcoming season
  • Niche right now is computer repair (break/fix) but next year focusing on providing some managed service programs or services along with break fix
    • Small business and residential temporarily
  • This year I am doing homework – shopping for RMM, AV partnerships, hardware partnership such as Watch Guard, my Main Toolbox,
    • I want to figure out my own standard way of doing things and using a specific solution to support my customers and clients
  • Business Stack
    • CRM: Repairshopr
    • Invoicing: RepairShopr
    • Considering Purchasing Tech Suite
    • Email – Office 365
    • Mail Chimp
    • Tools: D7II, Fabs, Parted Magic, Fabs, UVK . Hitman pro, Malware Bytes, Avast
    • Data Recovery – Get Data Back
    • Imaging: Atronis
    • RMM: Tested N-ABLE, Tested Ninja, Tested GFI, Tested Comodo, Naverisk
    • Right now Manual Jobs but can’t do it forever 
    • Payment Options: Cash, Paypal, Check (only clients, not one off customers
    • Business Cards: Vistaprint
    • Advertising: currently part time so only word of mouth, occasional mail drop with flyers, social media, google my business
    • Accounting: testing Wave https://www.waveapps.com/
    • Reseller agreements: Carbonite only for residentials
      The Process – I live by it . . . kind of paranoid. . Customers like to blame to get out of paying
    • When receiving computers, I take notes and pictures of the state it was brought in and make customer aware if I notice anything when they are in the office
    • Educating customers, and no they don’t listen all the time