Podnutz Episode 7: Installing Windows on a PC

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Episode 7: Installing Windows on a PC

  • Mike Petro from Petro Computer Solutions joins us.
  • Why install Windows?
  • How to back up your data
  • Steps to re-install
  • Installing drivers
  • Windows Vista

Show Notes:

  • Survey your system to determine if you need to reinstall.
  • Back up your data. Your files are most likely in Documents and Setting folder (Windows XP) or the Users folder (Vista).
  • Check in root directory or Program Files folder for special program data like Quicken.
  • Spacemonger shows graphical representation of your hard drive – helps in determining what to back up.
  • Check also in shared folders for additional files.
  • You can use either System Recovery or do a fresh install with your own Windows.
  • If system prompts you to make recovery CD’s, DO IT.
  • You can slipstream Service Pack 2 into Windows CD along with drivers. Get Service Pack 2 here . Creat image with MagicISO. Also check out Ryan’s VM Integrator to slipstream updates.
  • Listener Simod Z. also emailed us and gave us a cool site for slipstreaming drivers into XP disk at DriverPacks.net
  • For fresh install, to start Windows Setup, insert the OS disc and boot from the CD.
  • Set up your partitions. You can split your hard drive into two partitions or more if you want.
  • Then enter activation key if asked for. Dells will not ask for code but you must activate Windows after the installation.
  • Use device manager to install drivers. Type devmgmt.msc into run box to get there quick.
  • Get drivers from manfacturer if you can.
  • Install chipset drivers first. Unless you need ethernet driver (get ethernet driver from another computer)
  • Use Belarc or Everest to find drivers for mysterious components.
  • Install anti-virus or any protection.