Podnutz – The Computer Repair Podcast #183 – Support IT/Sell IT

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz – The Computer Repair Podcast #183 – Support IT/Sell IT

Live Call-In Show for Computer Repair Techs

Hosted by: Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com

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Twitter: TechNutPC  

Chris Carruthers from Remote Support Tech Team  

Marvin Bee from ManInTheVan.net

Josh McClure from YourPcMagician.com

Computer Repair Podcast #183 Video

To send a voicemail or to be on the show live, call 1-888-697-0162

Email: Podnutz@Podnutz.com

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How do you know what to sell your customers and how do you support the products you sell? 



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