The Computer Repair Podcast #218 – Staying Healthy

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Topic: Finding time to take care of yourself physically and mentally is sometimes hard but super important. A little exercise and eating healthy go a long way.


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LoseIt:  for tracking what you eat, including just taking pictures

Surfshelf:  lets me add a laptop stand to my elliptical

Resistance band set: Lets you workout anywhere

Stop, Breathe, Think:  quick medications on any platform (including Alexa)

Sleephones:  sleep to sounds without waking your partner 

Wusthof Santuko knife: you only need one good knife to be a good healthy cook and nothing relaxes me more than cooking

Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor: knowing your heart rate and learning how to increase exertion gets you closer to your goal

Rock My Run: syncs your music to your heart rate

Muse:  Track your meditations with your brainwaves

Terabyte Unlimited – Imaging Software 

Partition Manager

OnDemand Customer Service

Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying Equipment

Exercise – 7 Minutes  



V8 Energy ** Not sure I would classify this as healthy… but better than a Monster.

PC Doctor: Save 20% PCDKS20

Computer Business Podcast 032: Health Tips for Computer Business Owners

Rainbow Light Busy Brain Release