The Computer Repair Podcast #237 – Tickets or Invoices?

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Topic: What is the difference between tickets, Invoices and Accounting?


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Always plug those cables in!  🙂

Trust your gut feeling:

Why Trusting Your ‘Gut Feeling’ Is Often the Best Strategy

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What is the difference between Tickets, Invoices and Accounting?

Tickets (Help Desk)





John Response:

Accounting is the bible of your business.  It is what guides your business and decisions from a financial decision.  Let the numbers lead you.  This is one of the tools you use to create your business nirvana (also do what you love, what you want and whom you with).


John Uses: QuickBooks Online


Ticketing (Help Desk):  Your help desk or ticketing system is the air traffic controller for your business.  The who, what, where, when, why and how of your business.  You need one because you need it all (entry, tracking, notification, history, reporting).  Integration helps.


John Suggestions: 

Comodo One

Sherpa Desk



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