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Hosted by: Jeff Halash from

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Paco Lebron from ProdigyTeks

John Dubinsky from Maven Group

Chris Carruthers from Remote Support Tech Team

Marvin Bee from MB Systems

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Topic: Co-Hosts bring something to talk about


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Google Project Fi – Like It

New Version of Windows Repair 4.0.0

Cybrary – Free and Open Source Cyber Security Learning

Antivirus colossus Avast buys Piriform, the company behind CCleaner

June 2017 OvrC Release – Global Dashboard, Notification Enhancements, & More

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Other Tip Info:

*Check Your Phone Systems and message tree/forwarding!

*Do your job like nobody is watching…. all the time.


Chris Topic: Dealing with Angry Customers:

7 Steps dealing with angry customers

4 Brilliant Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

perryc99 in chat –> customer solution

John’s Topic: The biggest problem you are facing in your business right now….. 

TIME – Chris, John, Jeff

Cash Flow – Paco

Manage Growth – Marvin

Paco Topic: How to Raise Rates – Paco

Convert my hourly wage to an equivalent annual salary

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