The Computer Repair Podcast #245 – Onboarding Clients

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John Dubinsky from Maven Group

Chris Carruthers from Remote Support Tech Team

Brian Best from BestMacs

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Topic: What steps people take when onboarding a client as far as network analysis goes. When auditing a potential clients network what kind of process is used?


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John Tips

  • Draw A StickMan  
  • Calyptix Praise: My Mistake, They took care of it.
  • Sandisk USB Package ( – SanDisk Ultra USB (10 Pack) 3.0 32GB CZ48 Flash Drive High Performance Jump Drive/Thumb Drive/Pen Drive up to 100MB/s – with (5) Everything But Stromboli ™ Lanyard
  • VirusTotal – Sends all info (Privacy Policy)
  • SSD – Quality, Firmware, etc. Use quality brand – rant

Chris Tip

Calendly – Appointment Booking

Caruthers Computers Book An Appointment

Brian Tip

Client onboarding – buy them pizza and set expectations!

Jeff Tip

Avoid collisions……. of any kind. 


  1. Servers
  2. Endpoints
  3. Wireless
  4. Network (router, switches, Printers)
  5. Credit Card – Finance
  6. Security – Alarms
  7. Phone – VOIP, Etc.
  8. Fire – Alarm, Monitoring, Elevator
  9. Main Apps & Data – Line of Business, Backup
  10. Other Partners


  • Network Map
  • Install RMM or Agent List
  • Contact List


  • What is hiding from us?
  • Point of contact and identify personalities.
  • Document.  Report.
  • All you can eat pricing?!  Value proposition.
  • DO your Due Diligence.  

The five P’s of success

Imaging Software


Active Boot Disk – Disk Image Software

Carbon Copy Cloner  


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LLC: Piercing the Corporate Veil

Avoid these 10 Commingling Activities or Risk Piercing of the Corporate Veil

Chasms – Web based menus for all operating systems

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