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Brian Best from BestMacs


They are out there: Apple devices at your users, clients, or prospects.  And you know those devices present a ticking time bomb—if you don’t support them (or don’t support them correctly) you risk data loss, security threats, or simply poor customer service.

IF you’re an independent shop or consultant, you could lose your clients’ business to those threats or the competition. But, get it right, and Apple devices are great revenue source.

IF you’re corporate IT, you need to protect your network and your users’ productivity—ignoring a bunch of computers isn’t good strategy. Making an investment in Apple support doesn’t mean having to learn a whole new platform, nor bust your budget.


Sure, you could ask friends in Windows PC support on forums and Facebook for Mac help.  But if you advise your users to not take random advice over the Internet…um, maybe you shouldn’t do that, either.


What if you could rely on an Apple-centric Managed Service Provider with 18+ years of proven business success, with a combined 60+ years of Apple support experience?  That’s BestMacs and our new bSmart service is what you need.


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