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Topic: I was just talking to a potential client, and it’s another mid-size restaurant chain. They span 3 counties, so that could mean a 2 hour drive north or 2 hours south for me. I can’t responsibly take on that geographic scope myself, but they’d be a great client at just the right time when I’m feeling the pressure to hire or partner.

So what do you do? Hire remote techs and dispatch as needed, find other companies to partner with, get a time machine, etc


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Do it right the first time.   Learn for doing thing for yourself the first time.

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OVRC– Remotely monitor, manage, & update all your network equipment AND network attached devices.


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Windows 10 Update:  Delivery Optimization

Info:  Microsoft Clarifies Windows 10 ‘Delivery Optimization’

Info: Don’t let Windows 10 use your bandwidth to send Updates to other PCs; Disable WUDO!




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