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Topic: What does Channel Friendly mean?


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John Tip:

Prepare your customers’ expectations AND do your own research.

i.e. Comcast

Channel Friendly – John’s thoughts:

  • Vendor must sell a solution focused on optimizing my customers business and therefore my business.
  • Vendor must make my job easier and thus make technology easier for my clients.
  • Vendor must make me the champion in dealing with my clients.
  • Vendor must be clear & flexible on pricing and programs.  (I only do month to month)
  • Vendor must be clear on product.
  • Vendor must be clear on what I should not do.
  • Vendor relationship must be easy.  a simple program that is easy to understand and does not require a bunch of BS to manage (or a full-time employee).
  • Vendor should focus on the partner, not the sale.  Sales will take care of themselves with happy partners that have happy for clients.
  • Product is easily accessible for all (open mesh) or have a low barrier to entry with benefits through growth.  DO NOT cut support.
  • Partner should have benefits of direct support, advanced communication, direct contact at company.
  • The partner must be a good partner back to the vendor.  Let’s work as a team.  Provide feedback based on yours and your customers use.  
  • IMPORTANT: Treat the vendor like you want them to treat you.  Do not treat your vendors like your customers may treat you.


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Remote Desktop Issue

Remote Desktop Record Software


Basics – You can add an extra layer of authentication and encryption by tunneling your Remote Desktop sessions through IPSec or SSH. IPSec is built-in to all Windows operating systems since Windows 2000, but use and management is greatly improved in Windows Vista/7/2008 (see: (link is external)). If an SSH server is available, you can use SSH tunneling for Remote Desktop connections. See (link is external) for more information on IPSec and SSH tunneling.

Preferred:  Use a VPN

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