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Topic: How do you vet a Vendor or Distributor before choosing them


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How to Vet a Vendor  

How to check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise a venor.

  • Do they have a team that you like to work with?
  • Check Google, LinkedIn and Facebook for the contacts at the company and see what they are posting and how they are involved.
  • Do their processes fit your processes or can you make it work?
  • Can you assess their financial health.  How will it affect you if they disappear?
  • Do their location affect the service you receive?  Shipping time, etc.?
  • Do they value the relationship?  Will they go the extra mile after the honeymoon?  Will they help you grow?  Are you just another account?
  • Do they have the capacity and services to deliver?  Not only a large scale consideration, but small scale as well – for the one man army.
  • Are they willing to strategize with you?  
  • Compliance – do they meet the compliance regulations you and your customers need?  Do they and are they insured?  Service level agreements?  Get all this in writing as needed.
  • How and do they communicate?  Does it fit what you need?  Training?  Webinars?  Blog?  Facebook?  Are they participating actively in the communities you linger in?  Is it all sales or are they trying to deliver value.
  • Ask for references you can speak with?  Call and test the support desk.
  • Check for recommendations from your peers!  Have an open mind.  Araknis story.
  • Google for alternatives and competitors.
  • Consider your time, not only money.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau and Government Watch Lists
  • Ask for NFR or free trial to test.
  • Trust your gut – does it feel right?

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