Podnutz Pro #120 – Ye Olde Huff N Puff

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Show Note #120: Ye Olde Huff N Puff


I have real phones: Polycom VVX 411

I’m getting this handset: Plantronics W745-M SAVI

You asked about the delicious breakfast at the Unconvention:



What do you do if Watchguard blocks Port 8000 and the music stops?

They connected the cable and said everything was good.

Do y’all deal with AT&T U-Verse? Somebody lied!

Doctors and Lawyers have underlings that are petrified.

Matt doesn’t use Wake on LAN


Unread Stack of email:

1. Randy helps Matt with changing the UPN of a misspelled user name

In PowerShell logon to MS office 365

Type in Connect-MsolService

Set-MsolUserPrincipalName –UserPrincipalName “oldemail@example.com” –NewUserPrincipalName “newemail@example.com

2. We lost Luke’s email.


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A Quote from our good friend Ben

Never ruin and apology with an excuse”