Sportsnutz #3 – End Game for 2 GREAT Announcers

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Episode 3 End Game for 2 GREAT Announcers
Show notes for 09/28/2016
1 Intro – Contact me at
2 – Emails & questions
3 – Top News stories
1. Vincent Edward “Vin” Scully 67 years as Dodgers announcer never again will there be a lone announcer
2. Dick Enberg retired also Padres announcer plus ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Tennis, Golf, Olympics (was at the 72 Munich) “Touch ’em all” (for home runs) and “Oh, my!” (for particularly exciting and outstanding athletic plays)
3. Charlie Strong probably gone at Texas football coach.
4. MLB Playoff’s – AL wild-card game: Orioles at Blue Jays & NL wild-card game: Giants at Mets
Rangers top spot in the AL & Cubs in the NL Red Sox & Indians the others in the AL & Dodgers & Nationals in the NL
5. Golf the USA wins the Rider cup that does not happen much any more.
6. Cam Newton & Carson Palmer have concussions there status for this week is still unknown
7. Bob Bradley becomes first American to manage a major European soccer club
4 – Fantasy Time Fantasy Football where to go to play NFL, ESPN, Yahoo, Fox Sports, Fleaflickers, & more
5 – Games to watch this week
My Steelers Chiefs game was a dud – sorry
NFL Bengals at the Cowboys
MLB Red Sox vs Indians
NHL Preseason but Friday Detroit at Toronto or Dallas at LA
6 – Discussion of the week – Colin Kaepernick sitting & kneeling
7 – Closing