Sportsnutz #7 – What Time Is It!

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Episode 7 –
Show notes for 09/28/2016
1 – Intro – Contact me at
2 – Emails & questions
3 – Top News stories
1. FoxSports did it again – this time they put Sam Bradford’s head on Matt Castle (Payback?)
2. The 8:30 Am CST NFL game in London next year is gone – will be played at the normal times. Including Thursday
3. Eric Dickerson said last week Monday night that he was banned from the sideline during Rams games by head coach Jeff Fisher. WHY?
4. College coaching carousel had just begun… Oregon & Texas are just the beginning.
5. Golden State Warriors win73 again? At this rate, yes.
6. MLB offseason grabbing has just begun.
4 – Fantasy Time – What is Fantasy streaming?
5 – Games to watch this week
NFL – Cowboys at the Giants Sunday night
NBA – Suns at the Lakers Friday night
NHL – Blue Jackets at the Red Wings Friday night
6 – Discussion of the week – NFL Ref’s failure this year, should they be full time?
7 – Closing